Source code for tests.test_cli

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Tests for :mod:`cowbird.cli` module.
import contextlib
import subprocess
from io import StringIO
from pathlib import Path

import mock
import pytest

from cowbird.cli import main as cowbird_cli
from cowbird.config import get_all_configs
from tests.utils import TEST_CFG_FILE, TEST_INI_FILE, MockMagpieHandler

[docs]KNOWN_HELPERS = [ "handlers", ]
[docs]CURR_DIR = Path(__file__).resolve().parent
[docs]def run_and_get_output(command, trim=True): if isinstance(command, (list, tuple)): command = " ".join(command) with subprocess.Popen(command, shell=True, universal_newlines=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as proc: # nosec out, err = proc.communicate() assert not err, f"process returned with error code {err}" # when no output is present, it is either because CLI was not installed correctly, or caused by some other error assert out != "", "process did not execute as expected, no output available" out_lines = [line for line in out.splitlines() if not trim or (line and not line.startswith(" "))] assert len(out_lines), "could not retrieve any console output" return out_lines
[docs]def test_cowbird_helper_help(): out_lines = run_and_get_output("cowbird --help", trim=False) assert "usage: cowbird" in out_lines[0] idx = 0 for idx, line in enumerate(out_lines): if "Helper:" in line: break cmd_lines = out_lines[idx:] assert all(any(helper in line for line in cmd_lines) for helper in KNOWN_HELPERS)
[docs]def test_cowbird_helper_as_python(): for helper in KNOWN_HELPERS: args = [helper, "--help"] try: cowbird_cli(args) except SystemExit as exc: assert exc.code == 0, "success output expected, non-zero or not None are errors" except Exception as exc: raise AssertionError(f"unexpected error raised instead of success exit code: [{exc!s}]") else: raise AssertionError("expected exit code on help call not raised")
[docs]def test_cowbird_handlers_list_with_formats(): override = {"COWBIRD_CONFIG_PATH": TEST_CFG_FILE} handlers_config = get_all_configs(TEST_CFG_FILE, "handlers")[0] with mock.patch.dict("os.environ", override), contextlib.ExitStack() as stack: # Mocked Magpie required since config is validated when calling cli, and config validation relies # on a Magpie instance. stack.enter_context(mock.patch("cowbird.handlers.impl.magpie.Magpie", side_effect=MockMagpieHandler)) f = StringIO() with contextlib.redirect_stdout(f): cowbird_cli(["handlers", "list", "-f", "yaml", "-c", TEST_INI_FILE]) output_yaml = f.getvalue().split("\n") assert output_yaml[0] == "handlers:" f = StringIO() with contextlib.redirect_stdout(f): cowbird_cli(["handlers", "list", "-f", "json", "-c", TEST_INI_FILE]) output_json = f.getvalue().split("\n") assert output_json[0] == "{" assert "\"handlers\": [" in output_json[1] f = StringIO() with contextlib.redirect_stdout(f): cowbird_cli(["handlers", "list", "-f", "table", "-c", TEST_INI_FILE]) output_table = f.getvalue().split("\n") assert "+---" in output_table[0] assert "| handlers" in output_table[1] assert "+===" in output_table[2] # Test handlers config active_handlers = [line.strip("|").strip(" ") for line in output_table[3:-2]] # Every active handler should be in test data for handler in active_handlers: assert handler in handlers_config assert handlers_config[handler]["active"] # Every activated test handler should be in the active handlers for test_handler, config in handlers_config.items(): if config["active"]: assert test_handler in active_handlers else: assert test_handler not in active_handlers