Unreleased (latest)

  • Nothing yet.

2.3.0 (2023-11-30)

  • Add optional key field and regex to be used in the sync_permissions section found in the config. This allows to sync permissions using a field other than resource_full_name when creating the name:type from the segment ex.: /field1::type1/field2::type2. Adds support to use resource_display_name.

  • The regex is used to extract the desired information from the nametype_path. It should be used to do an exact match. This new search overrides the default way of matching each segment with the nametype_path. In the case where a regex is found in the target segment, the data will be formed using the same resource_type for every match in the same segment. Similary, as using - name: "**" in the config to match multiple segment, it is possible to use a regex to match multiple resources in the same segment with regex: '(?<=:).*\/?(?=\/)'

2.2.0 (2023-11-16)

Bug Fixes

  • The FileSystem handler now creates the WPS outputs data folder if it doesn’t exist so that monitoring is setup properly.

  • User permissions are set explicitly after creating his datastore folder to make sure the user can create and modify files in it.

2.1.0 (2023-09-18)

Features / Changes

  • Add monitoring to the FileSystem handler to watch WPS outputs data.

  • Synchronize both public and user WPS outputs data to the workspace folder with hardlinks for user access.

  • Add resync endpoint /handlers/{handler_name}/resync to trigger a handler’s resync operations. Only the FileSystem handler is implemented for now, regenerating hardlinks associated to WPS outputs public data.

2.0.0 (2023-07-21)

  • Update Docker image to use python:3.10-alpine instead of python:3.7-alpine for latest security updates and performance improvements.

  • Update GitHub CI tests to include Python 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11, and use 3.10 by default for additional checks.

  • Update multiple package dependencies flagged by PyUp as well as any relevant code changes to support updated packages.

  • Move ports sections of example docker/docker-compose.*.yml files to the dev variant to reflect a realistic prod vs dev configuration scheme and allow ports overrides without merge of lists to avoid conflicts.

  • Add typing requirements and check-types[-only] targets to Makefile. To avoid breaking the CI on any minor typing issue, leave it as allow_failure: true for the moment. Further typing conversions and fixes can be applied gradually on a best-effort basis.

  • Covert type comments to type annotations.

  • Fix and improve Geoserver typings.

  • Drop Python 3.7 that reached end-of-life.

1.2.0 (2023-07-10)

Features / Changes

  • Add permission synchronization between Magpie’s permissions and Geoserver files permissions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where the monitors saved on the database and the internal monitors dictionary from the Monitoring class would be desynchronized, not always having the expected monitors, or having monitors that were not started properly.

  • Fix failing permissions synchronizer by adding service_type to the Magpie webhooks and ignoring permissions from resources not defined in the config (relates to Ouranosinc/Magpie#582).

1.1.1 (2023-03-24)

Features / Changes

  • Return HTTP 424 (Failed Dependency) when the celery worker version cannot be retrieved on GET /version. Also, provide better error logs and detail messages in case of error to help debug the cause of the problem.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect typings and typographic errors.

1.1.0 (2023-03-14)

Features / Changes

  • Enforce specification of COWBIRD_CONFIG_PATH environment variable or cowbird.config_path INI configuration to provide the cowbird.yml file with definitions of services and permissions to manage, and raise directly at application startup otherwise. Without those definitions, Cowbird has no reason to exist.

  • Add logging details when handlers are processed, succeed and failed their operation to provide insights about Cowbird integration with other services.

  • Add COWBIRD_REQUEST_TIMEOUT environment variable and cowbird.request_timeout INI configuration parameters for specifying the connection timeout (default: 5s) to be applied when sending requests.

  • Add missing COWBIRD_SSL_VERIFY configuration setting in documentation.

  • Review FileSystem’s handler for user workspace creation/deletion and to ensure compatibility with birdhouse-deploy’s setup.

Bug Fixes

  • Add timeout to all request calls (pylint recommended fix to avoid infinite lock).

  • Minor typing fixes.

1.0.0 (2022-08-18)

Features / Changes

  • Renamed Cowbird services term to handlers, to avoid confusion with Magpie services.

Bug Fixes


0.5.0 (2022-08-15)

Features / Changes

  • Add synchronization of Magpie permissions between different Magpie services, when receiving incoming webhooks.

  • Update config’s services sections under sync_permissions to use actual Magpie service names instead of Cowbird handler names (relates to #22).

  • Reorganize config.example.yml to support more sync cases, provide info on the type of each segment of a resource path and to use tokenized path.

  • Add schema validation when starting cowbird app.

Bug Fixes


0.4.1 (2022-03-09)

Features / Changes

  • Add an SSL verification setting.

  • Add Geoserver workspace and datastore creation/removal linked to user creation/removal.

  • Add automated publishing of shapefiles to Geoserver when new files are found.

  • Use pip legacy and faster resolver as per pypa/pip#9187 (comment) since current one is endlessly failing to resolve development packages (linting tools from check targets).

Bug Fixes

  • Pin pymongo<4 to work with pinned celery version.

0.4.0 (2021-08-05)

Features / Changes

  • Basic users’ workspaces management for new or removed users.

  • Add a Mongo database backend to store/restore monitoring state across sessions.

Bug Fixes

  • Celery has now a proper result backend.

  • Celery tasks are auto-discovered package-wide, no need to import them manually.

0.3.0 (2021-07-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add the RequestTask celery task for handling external services requests.

  • Add a docker image for the celery worker

Bug Fixes


0.2.0 (2021-05-12)

Features / Changes

  • Preliminary design which includes:

    • Webhook API

    • Services interface

    • Permissions synchronizer

    • File system monitoring

Bug Fixes


0.1.0 (2021-02-18)

Features / Changes

  • First structured release which includes:

    • CI/CD utilities

    • Minimal testing of utils

    • Documentation of generic details (WebApp, CLI, OpenAPI, configs, etc.)

    • Metadata of the package

    • Minimal /services API route with dummy Service

    • Corresponding cowbird services list CLI command

Bug Fixes