Source code for cowbird

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

#   Do not import anything here that is not part of the python standard library.
#   Any external package could still not yet be installed when importing the package
#   to access high-level information such as the metadata (

    # Although guarded by type checking, typing references can only use typing aliases with
    # quoted strings in function signature. Otherwise, the same issue as described above can occur.
    from pyramid.config import Configurator  # noqa

[docs]def includeme(config: "Configurator") -> None: # import needs to be here, otherwise ImportError happens during install (modules not yet installed) # pylint: disable=C0415 from import NewRequest from pyramid.tweens import EXCVIEW from cowbird.api import generic as ag from cowbird.api.generic import RemoveSlashNotFoundViewFactory from cowbird.constants import get_constant from cowbird.utils import fully_qualified_name, get_logger, log_exception_tween, log_request mod_dir: str = get_constant("COWBIRD_MODULE_DIR", config) logger = get_logger(__name__)"Adding COWBIRD_MODULE_DIR='%s' to path.", mod_dir) sys.path.insert(0, mod_dir) config.add_exception_view(ag.internal_server_error) config.add_notfound_view(RemoveSlashNotFoundViewFactory(ag.not_found_or_method_not_allowed), append_slash=True) tween_position = fully_qualified_name(ag.apply_response_format_tween) config.add_tween(tween_position, over=EXCVIEW) if get_constant("COWBIRD_LOG_REQUEST", config): config.add_subscriber(log_request, NewRequest) if get_constant("COWBIRD_LOG_EXCEPTION", config): tween_name = fully_qualified_name(log_exception_tween) config.add_tween(tween_name, under=tween_position) tween_position = tween_name config.add_tween(fully_qualified_name(ag.validate_accept_header_tween), under=tween_position) config.include("cornice") config.include("cornice_swagger") config.include("cowbird.api") config.include("cowbird.database")