Source code for cowbird.cli

import argparse
import importlib
import os
import sys
from typing import Optional, Sequence

from cowbird import __meta__
from cowbird.cli.utils import ParserMaker, ParserRunner, get_logger_parser, subparser_help
from cowbird.utils import get_logger

[docs]LOGGER = get_logger(__name__, message_format="%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s", datetime_format="%d-%b-%y %H:%M:%S", force_stdout=False)
[docs]def main(args: Optional[Sequence[str]] = None) -> Optional[int]: """ Automatically groups all sub-helper CLI listed in :py:mod:`cowbird.cli` as a common ``cowbird`` CLI entrypoint. Dispatches the provided arguments to the appropriate sub-helper CLI as requested. Each sub-helper CLI must implement functions ``make_parser`` and ``main`` to generate the arguments and dispatch them to the corresponding caller. """ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=f"Execute {__meta__.__package__} CLI operations.") parser.add_argument("--version", action="version", version=f"%(prog)s {__meta__.__version__}", help="Prints the version of the application.") subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(title="Helper", dest="helper", required=True, description="Name of the helper to execute.") helpers_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__) helper_mods = os.listdir(helpers_dir) helpers = {} log = get_logger_parser() for module_item in sorted(helper_mods): helper_path = os.path.join(helpers_dir, module_item) if os.path.isfile(helper_path) and "__init__" not in module_item and module_item.endswith(".py"): helper_name = module_item.replace(".py", "") helper_root = "cowbird.cli" helper_module = importlib.import_module(f"{helper_root}.{helper_name}", helper_root) parser_maker: ParserMaker = getattr(helper_module, "make_parser", None) helper_runner: ParserRunner = getattr(helper_module, "main", None) if parser_maker and helper_runner: # add help disabled otherwise conflicts with this main helper's help helper_parser = parser_maker([log], [parser.prog]) subparsers.add_parser(helper_name, parents=[helper_parser], add_help=False, **subparser_help(helper_parser.description, helper_parser)) helpers[helper_name] = {"caller": helper_runner, "parser": helper_parser} args = args or sys.argv[1:] # same as was parse args does, but we must provide them to subparser ns = parser.parse_args(args=args) # if 'helper' is unknown, auto prints the help message with exit(2) helper_name = vars(ns).pop("helper") if not helper_name: parser.print_help() return 0 helper_args = args[1:] helper_runner = helpers[helper_name]["caller"] helper_parser = helpers[helper_name]["parser"] result = helper_runner(helper_args, helper_parser, ns) return 0 if result is None else result
if __name__ == "__main__": main()