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class cowbird.handlers.impl.thredds.Thredds(settings: cowbird.typedefs.SettingsType, name: str, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Bases: cowbird.handlers.handler.Handler

Nothing to do right now.

Create the thredds instance.

  • settings – Cowbird settings for convenience

  • name – Handler name

required_params = [][source]
abstract get_resource_id(resource_full_name: str)str[source]

Each handler must provide this implementation required by the permission synchronizer.

The function needs to find the resource id in Magpie from the resource full name using its knowledge of the service. If the resource doesn’t already exist, the function needs to create it, again using its knowledge of resource type and parent resource type if required.

abstract user_created(user_name)[source]
abstract user_deleted(user_name)[source]
abstract permission_created(permission)[source]
abstract permission_deleted(permission)[source]