Source code for cowbird.request_task

from abc import ABC
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from import Task
from requests.exceptions import RequestException

    from typing import Tuple

[docs]class AbortException(Exception): """ Exception raised when the chain must be interrupted. """
[docs]class RequestTask(Task, ABC): """ Celery base task that should be used to handle API requests. Using this class will set the following Task configuration : - auto-retry for every RequestException - backoff and jitter strategy There is also an abort_chain function to stop the chain of requests in case of an unrecoverable event To use this class simply decorate your asynchronous function like this: .. code-block:: python from celery import shared_task @shared_task(bind=True, base=RequestTask) def function_name(self, any, wanted, parameters): pass # function operations Parameter ``bind=True`` will provide the self argument to the function which is the celery Task (not required). Parameter ``base=RequestTask`` will instantiate a RequestTask rather than a base celery Task as the self object. """
[docs] autoretry_for = (RequestException,) # type: Tuple[Exception]
"""Exceptions that are accepted as valid raising cases to attempt request retry."""
[docs] retry_backoff = True
"""Enable backoff strategy during request retry upon known raised exception."""
[docs] retry_backoff_max = 600 # Max backoff to 10 min
"""Maximum backoff delay permitted using request retry. Retries are abandoned if this delay is reached."""
[docs] retry_jitter = True
"""Enable jitter strategy during request retry upon known raised exception."""
[docs] retry_kwargs = {"max_retries": 15}
"""Additional parameters to be passed down to requests for retry control."""
[docs] def abort_chain(self): """ Calling this function from a task will prevent any downstream tasks to be run after it. """ raise AbortException("Aborting chain")