Source code for cowbird.typedefs

#!/usr/bin/env python
Additional typing definitions.

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

    from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Type, TypedDict, Union
    from typing_extensions import TypeAlias

    from import Celery
    from pyramid.config import Configurator
    from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPException
    from pyramid.registry import Registry
    from pyramid.request import Request
    from pyramid.response import Response as PyramidResponse
    from requests.cookies import RequestsCookieJar
    from requests.models import Response as RequestsResponse
    from requests.structures import CaseInsensitiveDict
    from webob.headers import EnvironHeaders, ResponseHeaders
    from webob.response import Response as WebobResponse
    from webtest.response import TestResponse

[docs] Number = Union[int, float]
SettingValue = Union[str, Number, bool, None] SettingsType = Dict[str, SettingValue] AnySettingsContainer = Union[Configurator, Registry, Request, SettingsType] AnyRegistryContainer = Union[Configurator, Registry, Request, Celery] ParamsType = Dict[str, Any] CookiesType = Union[Dict[str, str], List[Tuple[str, str]]] HeadersType = Union[Dict[str, str], List[Tuple[str, str]]] AnyHeadersType = Union[HeadersType, ResponseHeaders, EnvironHeaders, CaseInsensitiveDict] AnyCookiesType = Union[CookiesType, RequestsCookieJar] AnyResponseType = Union[WebobResponse, PyramidResponse, RequestsResponse, HTTPException, TestResponse] # pylint: disable=C0103,invalid-name ValueType = Union[str, Number, bool] AnyValueType = Optional[ValueType] # avoid naming ambiguity with PyWPS AnyValue AnyKey = Union[str, int] # add more levels of explicit definitions than necessary to simulate JSON recursive structure better than 'Any' # amount of repeated equivalent definition makes typing analysis 'work well enough' for most use cases _JSON: TypeAlias = "JSON" _JsonObjectItemAlias: TypeAlias = "_JsonObjectItem" _JsonListItemAlias: TypeAlias = "_JsonListItem" _JsonObjectItem = Dict[str, Union[_JSON, _JsonObjectItemAlias, _JsonListItemAlias]] _JsonListItem = List[Union[AnyValueType, _JsonObjectItem, _JsonListItemAlias]] _JsonItem = Union[AnyValueType, _JsonObjectItem, _JsonListItem, _JSON] JSON = Union[Dict[str, _JsonItem], List[_JsonItem], AnyValueType] # registered configurations ConfigItem = Dict[str, JSON] ConfigList = List[ConfigItem] ConfigDict = Dict[str, Union[str, ConfigItem, ConfigList, JSON]] ConfigResTokenInfo = TypedDict("ConfigResTokenInfo", {"has_multi_token": bool, "named_tokens": set}) ConfigSegment = TypedDict("ConfigSegment", {"name": str, "type": str}) ResourceSegment = TypedDict("ResourceSegment", {"resource_name": str, "resource_type": str}) PermissionDataEntry = TypedDict("PermissionDataEntry", {"res_path": List[ResourceSegment], "permissions": Dict[str, List[str]]}) PermissionData = Dict[str, PermissionDataEntry] from cowbird.database.stores import StoreInterface StoreSelector = Union[Type[StoreInterface], StoreInterface, str]